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A seminar was held at University of Kufa – College of Engineering on Wednesday, 31th Dec. 2014, on the topic of strengthening concrete bridges using FRP. Professor R. Al Mahaidi the past president of ACI Iraq Chapter presented his research work and experience in that field.


Reinforced concrete infrastructure is prone to degradation over time and traditional retrofit methods are inefficient and have limited life. Externally bonded fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) have been increasingly used in concrete structures since the 1990s, but suffer from premature debonding and insufficient strain capacity given their natural properties. Strengthened structures also suffer from a lack of deformability and ductility. Efficient anchorage devices can solve the problem of underperforming strengthening systems and can add ductility to strengthening systems. The presentation will introduce the new hybrid simulation system including Multi-Axis Substructure Testing (MAST) system in the Smart Structures Laboratory (SSL) at Swinburne University of Technology. The facility provides a powerful tool for investigating the dynamic effects of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other extreme loading events through local or distributed hybrid simulation of large or full-scale structural components. The MAST system is unique in Australasia and is capable to serve the research community or practice, nationally and internationally.


Professor Riadh Al-Mahaidi is a Professor of Structural Engineering and Director of the Smart Structures Laboratory at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Over the past 15 years, Professor Al-Mahaidi focused his research and practice on lifetime integrity of bridges, particularly in the area of structural strength assessment and retrofitting using advanced composite materials. In addition, much of his research outcomes has had a significant impact on the way bridges are assessed and strengthened for improved load rating. He is currently leading a number of research projects on strengthening and durability of concrete bridges using fibre-reinforced polymers combined with cement-based bonding agents and fatigue life improvement of metallic bridges using advanced composite systems. Professor Al-Mahaidi published more than 300 technical papers in international journals and conferences and more than 50 technical reports relating to structural assessment, strengthening and innovative designs. He supervised to successful completion 35 Phd students and 23 Masters Students. He currently supervises 14 PhD students.




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I About ACI - IRAQ chapter

Day by day Iraqi universities and engineers return back to be part of the global knowledge community, and building relations with international scientific organizations will achieve this important goal. The American Concrete Institute ACI is the most common organization for Iraqi civil engineering departments and civil engineers. In many countries, ACI established chapters in order to develop fruitful relations with people interested in concrete studying, design and construction. So, ACI established chapter in Iraq at 16th of August 2013.

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