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As part of Ministry of Construction and Housing MOCAH continuous efforts to foster dialogue within the region on the topic of infrastructure development, the idea of setting up an all-inclusive forum was born. The focus of the forum was on "exploring and adapting new and better construction technology"

The construction forum, which was held at Feb. 21-22, 2017 aimed to improve alignment and selection among multilateral construction technologies to facilitate the development of sustainable, accessible and a better standard of construction for developing the Kurdistan Region through enhanced technical support.

The forum was a joined project between Salahaddin University- Erbil and the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Kurdistan Region Government KRG. Iraq Chapter-ACI participated in the forum with an opening plenary followed by presentations in the form of public and private panels. Dr. Omer Qarani the Chapter president, and the members of Chapter Board of Directors Dr. Dillshad Kakasor and Dr. Dillshad Ameen participated in the forum. They gave the attendees an idea about the role of Iraq Chapter-ACI in re-construction of Iraq, especially Kurdistan Region.

The forum will also include thematic breakouts on the latest technology in constructing roads, buildings, laboratories and construction management techniques, which are now adopted globally as a standard. The closing plenary will be about the implementation of an action plan.

Sharing ideas of academics of Salahaddin University and Iraq Chapter-ACI practical experience with authorities of MOCAH will undoubtedly create an atmosphere of dialogue and discussion that will deliver new proposals to learn more improved services to the people of Kurdistan Region.




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I About ACI - IRAQ chapter

Day by day Iraqi universities and engineers return back to be part of the global knowledge community, and building relations with international scientific organizations will achieve this important goal. The American Concrete Institute ACI is the most common organization for Iraqi civil engineering departments and civil engineers. In many countries, ACI established chapters in order to develop fruitful relations with people interested in concrete studying, design and construction. So, ACI established chapter in Iraq at 16th of August 2013.

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