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The ACI Iraq Chapter and because of his interest in concrete, the correct ways to deal with it, and the most up to date related issues, is presenting in collaboration with the University of Technology

Student Activity for Concrete Project Competition - Salahaddin University

Student Activity for concrete project competition at University of Salahaddin

new ACI members during the last two months

Hello All ..

This two Attach file is the new ACI member during last two months

1- January 2015 Click Here

2- February 2015 Click Here

2nd Concrete Project Competition

ACI -IRAQ chapter held the second concrete project competition,we are announce all the universities student in faculty of engineering, the dead line for submit the project in the form of paper at 20 - April 2015

The Winner participate ACI CONVENTION in Washington DC

the following attach file includ every terms and condition to participate

Click Here

ACI Iraq Chapter introduced the new officers: the president Dr. Maan Hassan and the vice president is Dr. dallshad Amen for the term 2014-2015. The announcement of the new officers was held at University of Technology / Building and Construction Department at 19 Nov. 2015 . The new president said the following words in the beginning of his mission:

Dear ACI Iraq Chapter members,

At the beginning of my work in this term as president of the ACI Iraq-chapter, and on behalf of the chapter officers and members I wish to thank the gentlemen, (Riadh al-Mahaidi, Omer Qarani and Ali Naji), who served in the previous session. As I express my determined to follow up previous work and direct all new events and activities available to perform in our local circumstances. I would like to thank Prof. Riadh Al-Mahaidi again for establishing and supporting this chapter. Such initiatives will definitely have a positive impact on Iraqi engineers, academics and professional community capabilities. We look forward to continue and also open new channels of cooperation in the coming term.

Many thanks again wishing all of you a happy new year.




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I About ACI - IRAQ chapter

Day by day Iraqi universities and engineers return back to be part of the global knowledge community, and building relations with international scientific organizations will achieve this important goal. The American Concrete Institute ACI is the most common organization for Iraqi civil engineering departments and civil engineers. In many countries, ACI established chapters in order to develop fruitful relations with people interested in concrete studying, design and construction. So, ACI established chapter in Iraq at 16th of August 2013.

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